How to install decorative gravel

Rock Haulage can supply and/or professionally install decorative gravel for you, just give us a ring on 07739 955 247 and we’ll be happy to quote.

But if you want to know how to install decorative gravel yourself there are three main stages involved. These are making the foundation, installing the bottom layer of gravel and then adding your decorative gravel.

Making the foundation

Dig out the land where you want to install decorative gravel. Depending on how you want the finished look,  you should only have to dig out a hole that is approximately 2-3 inches deep. The ground should be smooth and flat. You can choose to accent your decorative gravel with a rock or stone border outlining the area. In this case consider if you need to alter the depth and dimensions of your hole.

Installing the bottom layer of gravel

There are two types of gravel. There is decorative gravel, as shown in the picture above. The other type of gravel is road base gravel, which is basic, cheap rock. If you want a solid foundation and you want to save yourself money you can use road gravel as your base. We are happy to supply and/or install road base gravel for you. Fill the area with the road gravel approximately 3/4 of the way high. Compact the gravel using a compactor to create a solid base for your decorative gravel.

Adding your decorative gravel

Add the decorative gravel on top of the road gravel until the whole area is filled. Level out the decorative gravel using garden rakes. Do not use a compactor on this type of gravel as it will not compact well and the it may clog up the machine or worse shoot out of the machine causing damage or injury.

To calculate how much gravel you will need you can follow this DIY guide or just give us a call on on 07739 955 247

Why contact Rock Haulage Limited about your decorative gravel needs?

Choosing the varieties that suit you is really a matter of personal taste. but if you’d like to know a bit more about the story of one of our varieties, whinstone, just click on the link. Bill is a font of knowledge on local matters, having been born and bred in the area.

Of course, we are not the only decorative gravel suppliers, and if you only want a small bag you could be better off going to a builders merchants, such as Jewsons, MKMDoves or a local garden centre.  Our promise to you is this: When you call us on 07739 955 247 we will tell you if you that is the case. We will not only give you a price for supply and delivery but we’ll actually tell you if we think you could get a better deal elsewhere!

We hope you have found this page on how to install decorative gravel useful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – you can use our contact form, or call on the number above  – and if you are reading this on your mobile, just press the picture of the phone at the bottom of your screen and you’ll get straight through with no dialling required!

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