Biomass Transportation

Rock Haulage Limited have diversified their operations to include biomass transportation. In addition to the fleet of tippers we have added tractor units capable of hauling the walking floor trailers that are used for biomass transportation.

biomass transpotation fleet


What is biomass?

Within UN and EU legal frameworks biomass is classed as a renewable energy source. It can be made up from plants, chicken droppings and so on, but the main source is wood in various forms such as forest residues, dead trees, branches and tree stumps, yard clippings, wood chips.

How is biomass transported?

We work with Rock Estate, a little north of Alnwick, Northumberland. They convert wood into wood chippings. These are then loaded onto our wagons, which are equipped with bulk blowers. Biomass in the form of wood chippings is used as power plant fuel. We transport the wood chippings to the plant and use the wagons’ walking floor system to unload. We have invested in the latest most fuel efficient vehicles in order to maximise the benefits of using biomass over conventional fossil fuels.




Find out More About Biomass

Wikipedia has an interesting article and here is a detailed list of the advantages and disadvantages of using biomass versus traditional fuels.

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