Safety legislation is regularly updated for the trucking industry. Our aim is to use the safest possible working methods, even when not yet required by law; for instance in our use of the latest safety cameras.

Safety is paramount for our customers, for our staff and for our suppliers.

Cameras feature prominently in the area of safety. Two particular examples are our in-cab cameras that record what the driver sees, and our side view cameras that allow the driver to see all along the side of the truck, which for the nearside is not traditionally possible.

Currently our vehicles have a forward facing camera in the cab, a rearward facing camera and a camera at the back of the cab looking into the vehicle body. This is particularly useful for looking into the vehicle body while loading to ensure that the material is being loaded evenly and correctly.

We have vehicles incorporating cameras for reversing, a body camera and near side camera. A camera monitor is fitted on the dashboard which can look at any camera. For example, during driving, when the left turn indicator is activated the screen automatically switches to the nearside camera, which looks along the passenger side of the vehicle. This will display any vehicles but particularly cyclists and other vulnerable road users. In addition the near side of the vehicle will be fitted with sensors similar to parking sensors to warn the driver of something coming up on the nearside of the vehicle.

These systems were compulsory for working for some of the major quarrying companies from Jan 2017. Nevertheless we started to equip our fleet from 2015 in recognition of the importance Rock Haulage Limited places on staying at the forefront of good industry practices.


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